How to use ConvertPlayer with unlisted and private Vimeo videos

Step 1.

Create public Vimeo Video. Visit the video and get the public url of the video and insert it into ConvertPlayer.

Step 2.

Inside ConvertPlayer video editor add any opt-in boxes, call to actions or Facebook share buttons to your video as usual.

Step 3

Go to Vimeo and change video privacy setting from Public to either Unlisted or Private

Step 4

Embed the video to your site as usual using the script embed code or  official ConvertPlayer WordPress plugin.

Important note:

With private Vimeo videos you might need to add the website where you are embedding the video to your whitelisted sites. Additionally you should add domains: and to your whitelisted domains if you want to be able to edit the video inside ConvertPlayer video editor after you set it to private.

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